Me Against The School

School is a basic place to start you’re life, like learning, getting friends, and graduating. Talking about relationship, mostly I see it as a priority and a friend that helped me in many problems and few situations that I got caught with when studying. Mostly the school did have a lot of things connected to your interest, like helping you to build and develop your interest in a new level that is more advanced and complicated towards other people around the community.

From my perspective, I do enjoy studying and I don’t have problems with it. Basically, there’s a time where learning could be fun, I had a school trip to foreign places like cities around Java Island and the local wisdom is actually good enough as I say. It’s about us as going to be more natural with nature, like sitting on the floor, even it’s cold as heck, standing on the pavement and the grass although it’s full of mud and small sharp rocks towards to that, my foot is now more resistant to small sharp rocks, and I am more environmental to the weather. Rather than the environment, I had to learn from projects, school trips. Basically, the School trip went to a lot of places around Bandung, like visiting the district offices, public facility, religious places, the China town part of Bandung, other cities like Demak, Kudus, and Jepara.

After years at school, I experienced a lot about learning. About that one, my most memorable moment that is positive when I am at the 8th grade when I had the task to draw an illustration for a book that will be sold to the public at the school, and the result are very surprising and to be made proud of, cause a lot of people said to me that my drawing is great and amazing towards the eye. The other most positive thing that happened to me when I got my part to be leader of a line at 17 August at the independence day of Indonesia happened, because od that I knew a lot of things that are important to be a leader of the first line, like shouting louder, remembering the words that I need to say. But the most negative is when learning about the human tongue when I need to taste an unidentified object from its flavor that is placed in a cup, but thank God I missed it, because I had the last order, and my teacher, misses Ome completely forget about my turn. Basically, I am lucky as heck, till now they never knew that coming.

The most important and urgent message from me, so people need to know that these days school need to change their teaching system rather than reading old boring textbooks into knowing and experiencing through everyday activities, like experiencing them. So with that others can be more experienced and understand about a study material like math, science, sports, art and a lot more out there waiting for you.


Kearifan Lokal Babarengan



Kearifan lokal, adalah suatu kebijakan lokal yang ada dan diterapkan dari dulu di suatu komunitas social atau lainnya. Demikian berdasarkan kearifan lokal yang ditemukan di sekolah SMP Semi Palar terdapat sebuah kearifan yang sudah ada di sekolah ini, kearifan lokal tersebut adalah acara Babarengan.

Babarengan adalah sebuah acara dimana diadakan pada akhir semester dan berjangka selama seminggu yaitu 5 hari .Acara ini biasanya diadakan oleh para orangtua murid Semi Palar dan gurunya yang disebut “kakak” bersama sang murid, acara ini biasanya diadakan dari jenjang PG (Play Group) sampai SMP, kegiatan yang diadakan berupa, berkarya bersama, bermain bersama, bermusik, gelaran karya, masak bersama dan kegiatan lainnya. Babarengan sendiri sudah ada sejak Semi Palar diciptakan pada 2006, tetapi namanya masih berbeda, demikian karena jumlah muridnya yang sangat sedikit, kegiatannya sudah sering sekali bersama orangtua dan “kakak” kemudian pada 4 tahun ke depannya pada tahun 2010 nama babarengan lebih sering dipakai untuk kegiatan tersebut .

Acara ini sudah sekali sering diikuti oleh banyak orang, diakibatkan bertambahnya murid di Semi Palar selama bertahun-tahun. Banyak orang yang sudah ada di Semi Palar selama 5 tahun, demikian kata beberapa murid, orangtua dan guru di Semi Palar, kebanyakan mengatakan bahwa babarengan adalah acara yang sudah dijadikan kebiasaan yang paling rutin, terutama di akhir semester. Acara yang sering dilakukan beberapanya adalah bermain bersama antar orangtua, murid dan jenjang lainnya, bisa dari SMP dengan SD dan TK tentunya, kegiatannya, masak-masak, berkarya, pentas, olahraga, berkarya dan lainnya, kebanyakan semuanya sudah diikuti, kata dari seorang orangtua.

Kegiatan babarengan memiliki tujuan sendiri, terutama relasi. Relasi yang dibangun adalah antar murid, guru, dan orangtua, dari kegiatannya, orangtua dan murid dapat diacak, demi membangun kekompakan saat di acara tertentu, meskipun kegiatan diadakan di dalam atau di luar kelas, selain membangun relasi, keakraban antar jenjang SMP sampai PG ikut terbantu. Demikian “kakak” tidak selalu berpartisipasi di kegiatan babarengan, karena harus membuat rapor untuk murid.

Babarengan sendiri masih memerlukan usulan dari beberapa pihak, dengan begitu inilah beberapa usulannya. Usulannya adalah variasi kegiatan babarengan pertahunnya, contohnya adalah pentas antar dua kelas, kegiatan jenjang antar jenjang yang lebih memerlukan kekompakan dan komunikasi, dengan itu babarengan bisa menjadi lebih unik, bermanfaat dan menyenangkan bagi semua yang mengikutinya.

Oleh:Sambin, 15/8/19

I Can Speak Movie Review


Release Date: September 21, 2017

Distributed by: Lotte Entertainment and Little Big Pictures

Running time: 119 minutes

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean and English

Directed by: Kim Hyun-Seok

Produced by: Lee Ha-young

Written by: Yoo Seung-hee

Starring: Na Moon-hee and Lee Je-hoon

Music by:  Lee Dong-Joon


The story tells about a man who is named Kim Min Jae who works as a junior civil service officer, who met with an old woman named Ok-bun that always been on the office bringing documents filled with her protests. Suddenly she wants to move to Los Angles, because of that she wanted to learn English, but then Kim Min Jae had some great English speaking skills, cause of that Ok-bun intended Kim to teach her, after a few days she suddenly studied the English language after taught by Kim.

Min Jae realizes that Ok-Bun wished to learn English to continue her friend Jeong-shim’s dream of testifying in front of comfort women public hearing. Ok-bun and Jeong-shim were both the victims of the Japanese Military during World War II. Although Ok-Bun has prepared what to say many times in the public hearing, she hardly could speak a word because she was overwhelmed by the unfamiliar and the heavy pressure that was on her. When people start to question Ok-bun’s behavior, Ok-bun hears a familiar voice and the phrase ‘How are you?’. She then earns courage and starts to testify the atrocities of the Japanese Military.


Mostly from me watching this movie, I feel sad about the thing that felt to the old woman herself, mostly from her tragic past back at WW2, also from the film itself can motivate people to learn the English language so they can be more sociable to foreigners that cam around the world.




Sex Education For 12 Years Old is Fine

Why Sex Education is Recommended at Age 12 Years Old


79% (Agreed that young people should be taught about sex education)

21%  (Disagreed that young people should be taught about sex education)

88%  of Millennials (support comprehensive sex education)

76%  of boomers (support comprehensive sex education)

62%  of seniors (support comprehensive sex education)


Why sex education should be educated to kids with the age of 12 years old, well when a kid became elder, they began to be more curious about a lot of things, mostly about human anatomy, and step up into sex education. Mostly kids above 12 years old, like 13-18 years old they became more personal and not open to other people, because of that, I rather recommend parents to teach kids about sex ed at 12 years old. Why, because kids at 12 years old they can understand which is the good one against the negative things, also so kids can tell the difference and be more cautious of child molesters and be more secure from child abusers and pedophiles. Rather than that, kids might need to know the rightful truth about sex, more likely where babies came from the scientific way, other than the false and wrong way that could be learned from another person, it could be a friend or a stranger.

My Personal Thought’s

I agree that sex ed should be taught to kids at 12 years old, yes because when I was above 12 years old, I already know about sex ed from my friends and by doing research by myself, and the effects itself, is pretty bad, most likely parents become more suspicious about your thoughts and how you find out about sex ed, also kids above 12 years old. I mean teenagers, they became more personal to themselves, and more not socialized to their own parents. Rather than that parents could help you to understand about sex ed, they could teach you from their own experience’s and help you to understand educational books that taught you about sex and more.

In Conclusion:

Well, the conclusion about this all, actually it means, that sex ed is better if taught to kids at the age of 12 years old, so parents can be more supportive to their own child, no matter if the kid is at the age 12 years old or lower. Actually from the results, teenagers are most likely to learn about sex ed by them self, because a lot of teenagers think that sex is somewhat is a taboo topic to be discussed with their own parents, and they choose to know about sex ed by them self, even if mostly the information they  got is from a research through websites, books or from a friend at school and etc.

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Article Review HUFFPOST US

Title Content: Chick-Fil-A Axed From Texas Airport Plan Over ‘Legacy Of Anti-LGBTQ Behavior’

Publish date: 03/26/2019 03:51 pm ET


Publisher: HUFFPOST US


The topic of the article itself, describes about a chain restaurant that supports the anti LGBTQ campaign, the chain restaurants itself already donated $9.9 million to charity and  about $1.8 million went to groups known to discriminate against LGBTQ  people, according to the report. But the chain restaurant was identified by  San Antonio Councilman Roberto Treviño confirmed that Chick-fil-A’s ties to anti-LGBTQ organizations were a factor in the council’s decision to reject the fast-food chain, they said that “the public doesn’t have any space for chain restaurants that ties with the anti LGBTQ legacy”, the Chick-fil-A’s ended up banned by the New Jersey University, but all through the years the Chick-fil-A’s chain restaurant has been open about 40 local stores and open for every customers.

The most important message that the author want you to know is about the legacy of the anti LGBTQ society that has been for years around the whole world is affecting every single stores or chain restaurants to the whole years, but then there is a lot of groups of people around the world that doesn’t agree about the anti LGBTQ society since this present day in the US.


Well I choosed this topic because people that choosed to disagree  to LGBT society does have rights to protest or express them self that LGBTQ is an illegal thing, because sometimes thing that the whole world agree doesny meant to be a legal thing to do, its all about the law and morale around the world and it could be offensive for religious country and people that are straight. Well I rather choose to be straight, the other intresting about the article is about the strange thing why a chain restaurant rejected because the supports the legacy of the anti LGBTQ campaign.


The thing is, I feeled sad and angry because closing a restaurants that doesnt support the LGBTQ comunnity  is same just like a discrimination to people back on the days white people hates coloured skin, and hating or rejecting people is racist and awful, well even i disagree to LGBTQ communities, i still hoped that “they” will turn them self and regret also choosed to be a normal straight person that likes woman rather than their same gender.


This article is so related to, as a protester against the LGBTQ societies, and i swear will not choose to join them, because i rather be a normal person that likes woman or not, i mean i choosed to be a lone wanderer and be a eternal single. Well I will indeed respond to this, starting by writing some comments about why LGBTQ is literally a illegal thing to in a nation or the whole world around all the years, why ? because God  created Adam and Eve as human and there is no a thing that God created same genders.

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Resensi Komik Menjadi Meanstream



Menjadi Mainstream-500x500

Judul: Menjadi Meanstream “Blak-Blakan Dalam Eksploitasi Industri”

Penulis: M.Marzuki

Editor: Syaifal Rustama

Penata Letak: Landi dan Erina

Penyelaras Tata Letak: Bayu N. L.

Ilustrasi Sampul:Rhoald Marcellius

Ilustrasi komik: Rieky, Tsurugami, Ferdinandus, Om Mpuss, Bambang & Muhaimin, Bagus Wahyu R., Kyriepoda, Efekkopi, Chinthya Anggraini, dan Rurimon

Desainer Sampul: Raden Monic

Penerbit: PT. Bukune Kreatif Cipta

Tanggal Penerbitan: Cetakan pertama, Januari 2018


Buku ini menceritakan mengenai kisah M.Marzuki sendiri mengenai dari sejak awal mulanya ia hanyalah seorang lelaki biasa yang menjadi seorang bintang film dan tokoh komik sendiri. Ini semua berawal dari pada sebelum ia bertemu dengan Faza Meonk, ia hanya menawarkan jasa ojek payung saja, ia menjelaskan juga beberapa teknik dalam menjadi ojek payung yang baik dan apa yang tidak boleh dilakukan selama menjadi seorang ojek payung, jika tidak pelanggan akan marah, apalagi kalau pelanggannya punya tangan yang penuh cincin batu akik. Selama ia mengisi waktunya menjadi seorang ojek payung, ia bertemu seorang lelaki bernama Faza Meonk, karena itu Faza Meonk bertemu dengannya dan merasi bahwa Juki punya potensial besar dalam industri perkomikan dan sebagainya, karena itu awal mula Juki menjadi seorang tokoh yang cerita hidupnya akan dikomikkan.

Awal-awalnya Juki hanya dibayar dengan sekardus mie instan  untuk menjadi salah satu target Faza Meonk untuk inspirasi dan tokoh komiknya, komiknya sendiri hanyalah berawal dipublikasikan di media “online” saja, selain itu Juki sering ditraktir makan nasi padang oleh Faza Meonk sendiri untuk mendapat kepercayaan Juki sendiri dengan Faza Meonk. Pada suatu hari saat Juki datang ke salah toko buku di Jakarta, ia menemukan ada dua anak kecil yang sedang ketawa cekikikan, karena itu Juki hendak memanggil satpam untuk menghentikan kedua anak tersebut, dengan begitu sang satpam juga ketawa juga. Ternyata buku tersebut adalah buku yang tokohnya adalah Juki sendiri, karena itu ia merasa kesal karena ia sudah menjadi tokoh yang dipakai untuk diuangkan.

Selama itu Juki menjadi marah dengan Faza Meonk, tetapi marahnya juga reda setelah Juki mencari solusi untuk hal-halnya yang diderita setelah dibuatnya komik tersebut oleh Faza Meonk, karena itu Juki merantau jauh dan pergi bermeditasi. Setelah mengalami banyak hal yang aneh selama ia menjalani meditasi, Juki-pun kembali menuju ke Jakarta untuk meneruskan tujuan hidupnya secara yang baru yaitu dengan berani beda.


Menurut saya sendiri, buku ini bisa dibilang sangat menyentuh terutama dari hal-hal yang dialami Juki sendiri di buku tersebut, meskipun banyak yang aneh dan terlihat sangat tidak mungkin terjadi, komik ini sendiri memberikan satu pesan tersendiri bagi saya yaitu, harus menjadi berani beda dengan siapa-pun.

Kunjungan Rumah Kerabat

Pada tanggal 2-Maret-2019, saya mengunjungi rumah kerabat saya, yaitu seorang saudara dari nenek saya yang bernama Bambang Subekti tetapi lebih sering dipanggil Opa Wawang karena alasan faktor usianya. Rumahnya berada di Kopo yaitu TKI, atau Taman Kopo Indah, saya-pun jalan ke BKR dan langsung menaiki angkot abu yaitu Ciwastra-Cijerah, saya membayar tarif angkot sejumlah 5.000 Rupiah rutenya dari jalan Buahbatu kemudian berhenti di perempatan Kopo-Soekarno Hatta yaitu setelahnya saya menaiki angkot hijau yaitu rute Soreang-Leuwi Panjang, saya membayar tarif angkot sejumlah.

Sesampainya di rumah Opa Wawang, saya langsung melakukan hal biasa untuk bertamu dan memakai teknik 3S (Senyum,Salam,Sapa), saya kemudian bertanya mengenai kondisi di sekeliling rumahnya, saya juga sempat bertanya tentang kondisi seluruh keluarga mereka. Selain bertemu Opa Wawang, saya juga bertemu dengan isterinya Oma Heni serta anaknya Tante Zefa dan cucunya Gwen anak dari Tante Zefa  di rumah tersebut. Opa Wawang berkerja sehari-hari berjualan jus buah-buahan serta mengisi waktu luangnya dengan bekerja sebagai supir “Grab” dan Oma Heni berkerja menjual makanan buatan rumah sehari-hari.

Seusainya saya langsung pulang diantarkan oleh Opa Wawang, karena kebetulan ia mau mampir ke rumah saya di Buahbatu.

-Foto- (Tidak ada karena saya lupa memfoto saat disana karena sudah lupa dengan keramahan keluraga tersebut)

Resensi Monolog Inggit

Judul Drama: Inggit

Jenis Drama: Monolog

Pemeran: Happy Salma

Lama Drama: 1 jam 1 menit

Tema: Romansa

Latar: Bandung

Latar waktu: Pagi, Malam


Drama Monolog ini menceritakan mengenai kisah hidup Ibu Inggit Ganarsih saat menerima Soekarno sebagai salah satu yang berkos dirumahnya. Diceritakan Ibu Inggit menjemput Soekarno di stasiun, ia bertemu Soekarno memakai pakaian jas putih, selama ia tinggal di rumahnya, tempat tersebut menjadi ramai sekali, Soekarno menjadi seseorang yang menonjol di tempatnya. Tetapi selama itu Ibu Inggit merasa hubungan pernikahan dengan Kang Uji yaitu suaminya, Ibu Inggit sangat senang membuatkan kopi tubruk kesukaan  Koesno yaitu panggilan lain Soekarno menuju ke Surabaya, kembalinya Soekarno membawa seorang perempuan berumur 16 tahun bernama Utari, tetapi ia bercerai dengannya dan membalikannya ke Surabaya. Tiap hari Soekarno selalu menceritakan perjuangannya bagaikan seorang anak kecil, kemudian pada suatu malam Koesno menyebutkan bahwa ia menyukai Ibu Inggit, Ibu Inggit tak dapat menolaknya sama sekali, setelah Ibu Inggit diceraikan, Koesno menikah dengannya dan mantan suami Ibu Inggit menjadi sang walinya. Koesno tak ingin pergi, meskipun sudah ada Douwes Dekker dan Dr. Sucipto menunggunya untuk membahas perjuangan politiknya. Ibu Inggit mengingatkannya untuk menjadi seorang pria yang harus berani menghadapi apa saja. Setelah Koesno lulus dari THS, tahun pun berlalu dan Soekarno tetap berjuang menmbuat sebuah partai.


Menurut saya, monolog ini sangat memiliki penceritaan yang mendalami dari sisi kehidupan Ibu Inggit sendiri bersama Soekarno Suaminya yang kedua, selain itu saya juga merasa terharu dengan rasa sayang yang dimiliki oleh Soekarno sendiri terhadap Ibu Inggit.


The Great Expectation


The Great Journey is  a activity or an expedition, that located  and targeted to go to a new area / cities around the Java island. The use of the Great Journey itself is to ease every single student’s to learn and experience to socialise with local civilians around the Javanese Cities. Well The Great Journey will be started at March 10-16, also the purpose of this essay is to explain or some what predict things that could happen or founded at The Great Journey, so other people could expect them when they go to some Javanese Cities.

Historical Places That Could You Expect

Historical places, these  things’s always be encountered by  lot of travelers at the worldwide nations. Historical places can or not expected at some area only, it depends on the government that they would establish historical places to be a property of the government itself, or the places that could be bought and taken down by some companies. However the things you could expect is a bunch of old structures or old structures or building, monuments, old artefacts or more, well its about the architecture of the building or the history contained at every single historical places, the condition of it place could not be guaranteed, there is three conditions, there is completely preserved, modified, or abandoned and vandalized by local tourist or a bunch of teenager’s.

Old structures is a common thing could be found or expected by lot of tourist, meanwhile lot of its history remains pretty strange or mystic by a lot people. In a old places you could encounter a guide or a person that very familiar with its history, these people called as “Kuncen” for some reason, but its only could be founded on a very old place like temple’s and monuments that had a lot of connection about kingdoms around Java. But if there is no one guarding the site, soon that means its completely abandoned and nobody cares about it.

The Culinary  Could You Expect

Culinary is always be a common thing at a Javanese Island, although unique thing is about the flavor you would experience about the culinary, Some Culinary can be unique depending the technique that used for the cooking itself. Culinary can be meant , “will be encountered “, a culinary itself have some types, like the taste, the style or the story behind the food, there is two things, that is drinks and the food itself, all culinary do have it unique flavor you could get, the culinary can came from a acculturation from nations that invaded or came to this country for some trades.

Some culinary are bunch of deserts or a main course, some of them could be a bunch of simply made food, like “Bakpia” that can be found at Yogyakarta, but the main course is a food named “Gudeg”, well that is the two examples that would be explained, some culinary can be found by a street snacks categories, and more them are bunch of food can be found at local restaurants or specialized places, and it could be randomly sold.

The Culture Could You Expect

Culture in a Java Island is very unexpected and has a lot of variety, however in every town had it own culture more likely is Javanese culture, or Sundanese Culture, etc. The culture could be mixed, its because in the past there is lot of trades from other nations or invasions, just like the Dutch did to this country, so the traders or invaders  get used with its environment and they choose to stay in, and have a family in the Javanese island.

Well that’s all folks, from my expectations, besides that, I hope this information could be useful for you, and thank you for reading this, if you have problems with my opinions, just let it out in the comments.


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